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Shame on you, BNT January 2, 2011

Posted by Jess in Fashion & Accessories.
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I learned my lesson today: Never enter Bras N Things again.

That was one of the worst shopping experiences ever. There’s a sale on currently & i’m a strange size (18C for those playing at home*) however this is “larger than average size”. So there were no beautiful age-appropriate bras in my size and after complaining on Twitter it seems i’m not alone in this.

Girls like me are cursed to live in pad-less, lacy grandma bras for the rest of our lives, simply because mainstream shops don’t acknowledge that average size is not size 10.

This is absolutely wrong, incorrect. I can’t believe mainstream shops and even fashion advertising leads us to believe this nonsense. So many younger girls suffer mentally and physically because of these pressures and I got a taste of that pain today.

Why can't I have a bra like this? Credit: StyleHive

After being thoroughly embarrassed by the sales staff – I was told I would have to buy a more expensive bra with the horrible lace mentioned earlier – I burst into tears and ran to my car. My mum was with me but stayed behind to give them a right bollocking.No wonder Trinny and Susannah did a special on bras and breasts – woman must feel so self-conscious in that situation.

I ended up having to go to the local red shed to find my size. This should make Bras N Things super ashamed because The Warehouse don’t even specialise in bras, BNT does!

What kind of bra woes/experiences have you had? Sharing your story would make other readers – and myself – feel better as it shows we aren’t alone! Every pair of breasts are different, why do these people have the right to tell us we’re “unusual”?

* I have no issue posting this online as bra sizes fluctuate and it’s not like i’m posting nude pictures of myself!