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Mosquito bites suck but baby cats do not January 3, 2011

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I could have easily have said “kittens” but baby cats sounds a lot cuter than that. I just got in from playing with a mummy cat and her two newborns, plus this teenage cat that lives with them, on the driveway. SO CUTE. I should’ve taken pictures but ah well. One looked like a tiger with all its markings and puffy paws. I need to stop typing about them to prevent myself from getting attached.

So at this barbeque I attended the other night, my feet got mauled by rabid mosquitos. Now I have little red bites scatted all over the top of my feet and around my ankles. I suppose my O positive blood type is to blame.

I ended up sliding back & forth whilst standing in the bath tub full of ice-cold water. I chucked a couple of cap fulls of pine tarsal in, turning the water a pee-yellow colour. No, I did not pee in the bath tub to turn off the itchy, nor numb it. Pine tarsal is quite useful but it stinks something putrid.

Anyway, I friggin’ hate mosquito bites and that’s that.