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This man is an idiot. January 15, 2011

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From the “brilliant” mind who brought us the fake BP PR Twitter account, I give you an attempt to make the word “rape” part of a punch line:

This guy is an idiot.


Is this such a good idea? January 10, 2011

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YouTube. This thought has been plaguing me the last year or so about whether to hop on the bandwagon again. There are so many reasons why this is both a good or bad idea. I’ll go with the bad first, as there are a lot of questions that need answering about why I stopped & why I am hesitant to try it again.

The last time I made a YouTube video was early last year with some friends who I had met on YouTube and it was just a mash-up on random clips but I never uploaded it. The last uploaded video was a make-up tutorial and a video of me and some friends. And then there was this big two week trip thing that happened and a lot of friendships were destroyed and the whole idea of posting online has intimidated me ever since.

YouTube didn’t make me a nice person & I think it’s because I was doing it for all the wrong reasons. I think learning to be a journalist, to be interested in news, current affairs, issues, other people, has really given me a grounding & outlet for expressing what I want without it being centered on me. I need “me time” away from all this to fulfill the self-center shit that I go through. This isn’t making much sense, it’s all rambly but if you get through all this, ka pai.

I want to get back into making videos because I want to keep my editing skills sharp, I want to vlog about issues and things that happen to me because i’m really enjoying blogging here & videos would be a huge visually-creative outlet for this desire. Even thinking about uploading a video is giving me butterflies & is making me nervous but it’s something i’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

Plus i’m working now & although it shouldn’t reflect on my job/priorities too much, it’ll be weird to be writing stories & then also doing personal vlogs & projects on my current channel. I get worried that things I say or do on this blog will reflect on myself and if a future employer googles my name, they’ll come straight here but I think that’s a risk i’ll just have to take.

So after the big friendship bust that was July 2009, I backed off from YouTube altogether & so did many of my other friends. There are a couple, such as Rache, Patrick & Corey, who all still make videos but very sporadically. It’s hard, having new lifestyles & priorities, trying to find the time to make a video is almost impossible. But it’s not something I want to fully dedicate myself to, I wouldn’t give myself a weekly deadline or anything ridiculous that I can’t stick to.

So anyway. I guess i’m trying to say/announce that in 2011 I want to try vlogging again. This isn’t a big deal, it’ll just be when I have the time and yes, old habits die hard. So they won’t be long because conciseness is everything to me & the limited time we have on this planet shouldn’t be wasted. I’m not going to kill myself trying to upload a mega-massive video when I can be out enjoying time with friends.

Anywho, i’ll post videos here when I upload them but if you want to see past endeavours of mine, head here: Jessums31.

Slowing down & speeding up January 8, 2011

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I haven’t blogged the last three days so to any of the 10 people who read this here blog – sorry! I’ve been seeing friends & getting out as much as I can as I’m back to work on Monday! This is both good and bad. Good because It’s something to do but bad because i’ll miss the sleep-ins till 10am.

This year, I have resolved to cook more. It’s not just about the food & eating it & it tasting yum, it’s about learning a new skill & creating something from scratch. I think it’s after watching so much MasterChef. But MasterChef is so entertaining.

I don’t want to do the whole Julie & Julia route though, where a woman cooked all of the recipes from Julia Childs’ first cook book. No, I want to just find recipes, or even have recipes recommended for me by friends, and try them out. I’m into colour and smell more than taste, so those are what will probably drive my recipe choices.

However, I must admit this does link to one of my resolutions, which is to eat better. It’s easier to figure out calorie counts for meals you cook yourself from raw materials, rather than being confuded* with buy out food & their hidden mysteries.

I want to do fruit things first because it seems easy (lazy) and fruit is noms at this time of year:

Strawberry-Raspberry Sundaes

Gingersnap Banana Frozen Yoghurt

Rhubarb-Vanilla Compote

* This was a typo. I guess I did a Sarah Palin. “Refudiate”, anyone?

Strawberry-Raspberry Sundae. Credit: KitchenDaily.com

What I like: 5/01/2011 January 5, 2011

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My favourite things of the moment:

Strawberry smoothies from Subway. It's better than the bunch of fast food crap out there. Credit: Google Images

Floral dresses. So appropriate in this summer weather. Credit: Desirable UK


Colourful & vibrant headbands. I have a steady collection that is ever increasing whenever I visit Diva, Equip or even the local Countdown. Chur. Credit: StyleFrizz.com

Easy A/Emma Stone. This movie is so quotable, many are saying it's the next Mean Girls. NYANYANYANYANYA!


Mosquito bites suck but baby cats do not January 3, 2011

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I could have easily have said “kittens” but baby cats sounds a lot cuter than that. I just got in from playing with a mummy cat and her two newborns, plus this teenage cat that lives with them, on the driveway. SO CUTE. I should’ve taken pictures but ah well. One looked like a tiger with all its markings and puffy paws. I need to stop typing about them to prevent myself from getting attached.

So at this barbeque I attended the other night, my feet got mauled by rabid mosquitos. Now I have little red bites scatted all over the top of my feet and around my ankles. I suppose my O positive blood type is to blame.

I ended up sliding back & forth whilst standing in the bath tub full of ice-cold water. I chucked a couple of cap fulls of pine tarsal in, turning the water a pee-yellow colour. No, I did not pee in the bath tub to turn off the itchy, nor numb it. Pine tarsal is quite useful but it stinks something putrid.

Anyway, I friggin’ hate mosquito bites and that’s that.

I’m easily annoyed December 31, 2010

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And this is because I find myself setting extremely high expectations for myself & for my relationships with others. These expectations are what have lead to where I am now. This isn’t to say i’m necessarily unhappy with my life at the moment, more like indifferent.

I’ve blogged on my 2011 resolution here but I have more personal resolutions to set in place here, where i’m held most responsible for my actions: my individual blog.

1. Enjoy things a bit more

When I wake up in the morning, my mood tends to be either chipper or apathetic. I don’t want to be either of these in 2011 as chipper feels way too fake for my liking and apathetic is just never fun to feel. Things need to feel differently, it needs to be positive. I think with a change in attitude I can prevent getting annoyed as easily and get back to what I feel was my true self before this year.

Not to say I haven’t been myself in 2010 but things happened and I felt aspects of my attitude and personality revert back to a really immature and stupid area. I need to enjoy experiences and activities a lot more, I need to look forward to going out with friends instead of just staying home. It’s not about forcing myself out of the house, it’s about motivating myself to want to leave.

2. Be kinder to people

I make snap judgements, but who doesn’t? It’s a very human thing to do and though I consider myself an extremely accepting and understanding person, I still shut people and ideas out because my brain is easily influenced. Once someone says something, whether it’s negative or positive, about a person, a movie, a city, a website, I instantly jump on that bandwagon. Don’t be a sheep in 2011, be a leader.

3. You are what you eat

I won’t spend too long on this one as I hate writing/reading about others’ weight issues. I think guilt is a useless emotion and I have never felt guilty about anything i’ve eaten or the way I look. But 2011 is about change. That is all.

4. Quality, not quantity

I have always prided myself on being the accepting and understanding person that I am – which isn’t being arrogant, it’s being positively honest with myself. However, I have most certainly overlooked quality friendships because I either felt afraid or ashamed of becoming better friends with people. That’s not what life is about at all. It’s about having those quality friendships to last a lifetime. I want to find those with people I know now and work on them instead of casting them aside.

Resolutions are strange. You always make them to make yourself look good to others when really they’re meant to be created to make us better people.

Any resolutions – pop them in the comments or feel free to tweet at me.