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Idol of the day: Kelly Osbourne January 4, 2011

Posted by Jess in Fashion & Accessories.
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You know who I really love at the moment? Kelly Obsourne. I’ve always enjoyed watching her family’s craziness on their TV show (“SHARONNN!”) but in the last couple of years, Miss Osbourne has left behind her “rocker’s daughter” image and has come into her own.

Something I really admire about this still up-and-coming woman is her style & attitude. She lost three stone (roughly 20kgs) and has emerged on the other side of what can be an extremely tough time with a whole new out look on life and an awesome fashion sense I will envy until the day I die.

Kelly at The 2010 AAMI Victoria Derby Day. God I hate men who hold obnoxiously large microphones in front of cameras. Credit: Google Images

Kelly opts for the rockabilly/1950s look with lots of polka dots and big floppy hats (i’m not going to pretend I know much about fashion so you’ll take my clothes descriptions & you’ll like it – fool).

See? Polka dots. I told you. But did you believe me? Nooo. The yellow is vibrant and loud which I love. And the matching gloves are so cute! Credit: Google Images

I love the peroxide blonde bombshell locks she’s opted for which goes amazingly well with her skin tone. I’ve never been a fan of the bronzed Jersey Shore look so the fact that there are a few pale celebrities walking this earth makes me feel extremely happy. I love that my skin isn’t bronzed, I look really ridiculous with a fake take. Plus, any time I try to get a “tan” I end up getting a red one. That’s sunburn, by the way. Urgh.

I read on one website that her bag looks like "bubblegum". I quite like the casual look. AND THE PUPPY, LOOK AT THE PUPPY. Credit: Google Images

So who are your fashion/lifestyle/other icons of the moment? Any other naturally-pale-can’t-get-a-tan girls out there? Hollah.

Lovely. Just lovely. Credit: Google Images/AP


Shame on you, BNT January 2, 2011

Posted by Jess in Fashion & Accessories.
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I learned my lesson today: Never enter Bras N Things again.

That was one of the worst shopping experiences ever. There’s a sale on currently & i’m a strange size (18C for those playing at home*) however this is “larger than average size”. So there were no beautiful age-appropriate bras in my size and after complaining on Twitter it seems i’m not alone in this.

Girls like me are cursed to live in pad-less, lacy grandma bras for the rest of our lives, simply because mainstream shops don’t acknowledge that average size is not size 10.

This is absolutely wrong, incorrect. I can’t believe mainstream shops and even fashion advertising leads us to believe this nonsense. So many younger girls suffer mentally and physically because of these pressures and I got a taste of that pain today.

Why can't I have a bra like this? Credit: StyleHive

After being thoroughly embarrassed by the sales staff – I was told I would have to buy a more expensive bra with the horrible lace mentioned earlier – I burst into tears and ran to my car. My mum was with me but stayed behind to give them a right bollocking.No wonder Trinny and Susannah did a special on bras and breasts – woman must feel so self-conscious in that situation.

I ended up having to go to the local red shed to find my size. This should make Bras N Things super ashamed because The Warehouse don’t even specialise in bras, BNT does!

What kind of bra woes/experiences have you had? Sharing your story would make other readers – and myself – feel better as it shows we aren’t alone! Every pair of breasts are different, why do these people have the right to tell us we’re “unusual”?

* I have no issue posting this online as bra sizes fluctuate and it’s not like i’m posting nude pictures of myself!

Fakeness is so hard to apply December 30, 2010

Posted by Jess in Fashion & Accessories.

I HAVE BEEN DEFEATED BY FAKE EYELASHES. Here is an example of what fake eyelashes, when applied correctly, should look like:

Credit: Make-Up Geek

And here is mine:

Oh dear.

I really like the fuller eyelash look, as I already have longer-than-average eyelashes. Mascara doesn’t really give me the fullness I want but i’m hoping I can find the perfect/appropriate fake eyelash brand to use. HALP.

Etsy shops December 30, 2010

Posted by Jess in Fashion & Accessories.
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Etsy is one of the best & cutest websites my friends have ever introduced me to (ha!)

I spend such a lot of time browsing the jewelry and clothing sections that I even got my mum looking at the website one time! At last glance, I had about 15 items in my shopping cart.

I don’t think I ever intended buy any of it, but just the idea of claiming something in my electronic basket at check out was enough to keep me satisfied, without actually spending any money.

But still, I have fallen victim to what most Etsy users succumb to: wanting to “open” your own Etsy story.

It’s just so tempting & of course I would want to make jewelry and sell it. My gran taught me a few years ago how to make basic jewelry & I did really start to enjoy it. My designs and ideas got complex at one point and then I just stopped making it all together.

I think it was a combination of my increasingly short attention span and the fact that it’s so expensive to buy beads and clamps. I believe I was 15-years-old at the time and being on a limited budget per week was a lot harder, I think, than surviving on student allowance. But I digress.

I’ll try post some pictures of jewelry I made here tomorrow.

Anyway, I am slowly being lured back into the world of jewelry craft and creation. Maybe it’s something that’ll open a whole slew of hobbies: patchwork seems cool and I used to knit all the time.

What a nana.

But apart from this I think it’s important to get into unique and interesting hobbies. It’s these hobbies that help define who we are, after all. You don’t want to be like the countless other members of society who call shopping a hobby. I just don’t like thinking of that as a hobby as it loses it’s novelty.

If anyone reads this: What do you think about Etsy stores or online shopping in general? I don’t want to make money but to have a reason to make all sort of jewelry would be great.