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Fast replies and updates January 15, 2011

Posted by Jess in Twitter Bits.
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Something I want to address today is something I get a bit of stick for on Twitter: fast replies.

It’s not something I intentionally do, I don’t go out of my way to reply really quick. There’s no reason behind me doing it other than I type really fast and my brain responds very quick with 140 character-long responses so it’s very easy for me to have a fast-tweeting conversation.

I really appreciate fast conversations, such as with Josh, where I can reply and expect a reply within about two minutes.

And that’s all I have to say about that! Moving on.

I haven’t had time to put a video up today but i’m actually hoping to get something together for tomorrow. I want to introduce Michelangelo AKA Mickey to the world via video, as Twitter has had plenty of photos and watching footage kittens is fun.

He’s so adorable. I picked him up this morning and he’s been climbing all over me ever since. He’s taking his sixth nap for the day and he’s been feeding and going toilet regularly so it’s all good.

This week has been quite good for me, personally. I went back to work, which is really good because it means I have stuff to do instead of sitting at home. As much as I love the sun/summer, I find there’s only time to do things in the evenings or on weekends so! Yeah!

Just an update so I can keep the blogging part of my brain sane. Catch you later!



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