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Adopt-a-kitten January 12, 2011

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This is huge. This is actually one of the most adult decisions i’ve ever made. I already have a cat but mum and I share equal responsibility for her, even though she loves me more*. But I am just so excited & i’ll tell you why i’ve adopted from Raewyn’s rescue cat operation instead of the SPCA.

I went and visited Ness last weekend because I hadn’t seen her in ages and she wanted to give me a gift for my 21st (thank you so much, Ness – chips & chocolate have gone down a treat at home haha!)

She also took me to see the kitties that Raewyn from RCR Rescue catches, deworms, desexes and de-fleas, if that’s a word. Not by herself, mind you, she gets a vet to do the desexing part but she re-homes each kitten/cat she finds to the best people she can get.

When I went, there were at least 30 kittens in the house, as well as a mother cat (which has since passed away) and her two babies in a separate area, as the babies are very young & had barely opened their eyes.

Raewyn also has a couple of awesome volunteers, Ness being one, who help keep an eye on the little kittens. Ness is just amazing, by the way. Go follow her on Twitter.

The SPCA gets a heck of a lot more donations and external help than small outfits, such as Raewyn’s, get. Raewyn doesn’t profit from housing or re-homing the kittens. For $100, you get a dewormed, de-flead and desexed kitten. I think that’s amazing as having a desexed kitten or cat stops the cycle of reproducing more cats than there are homes for them to go to.

Anyway, i’m sure you’ve heard enough advocating from me on that but the final word is: if you ever decide to get a kitten or a cat, get it from a rescuer or if you fall in love with the perfect ball of fluff at the SPCA then just do it. All the kitten wants is to live in a good home and to love you.

Here is Mickey. I was originally going to name him Sparky until I learned he’s been called Mickey on Facey. I think Mickey suits him far more than Sparky! He’s a little boy which will be interesting because our house is currently a woman-run ship. What if he’s a gay cat? That’d be so cute. I will love him no matter what gender cat he chooses to love:

Mickey: Male, White/Ginger. Five weeks. Domestic medium hair. Credit: Dianne Black Photography/RCR Cat Rescue Facebook page.

On a side note, this blog was originally going to be about the McDonald’s WiFi issues going on at the mo but aren’t kittens so much cuter to look at?!

However, here’s an interesting comment from here:
“Dame it!!! Next time i’m in NEW ZELAND…. Who goes there anyway… You telling me IF we go to NZ and IF we are gay.. we can’t go look at ass banging during lunch?? DAME IT!!!!! The nerve of Mcds for offering free services. HOW DARE THEM. DOWN WITH Mc DONALDs!!!!!! Theye have the best fries.”

* Mum despises me for this fact. She’s constantly trying to lure Aggie into sleeping on her or loving her more. I think mum’s excited for Mickey’s arrival because it’ll be a nice little kitten to quickly win over.

EDIT: My friend Graeme just showed me this video of his cat being walked in the local park. SOOOO cute.



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