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Shame on you, BNT January 2, 2011

Posted by Jess in Fashion & Accessories.
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I learned my lesson today: Never enter Bras N Things again.

That was one of the worst shopping experiences ever. There’s a sale on currently & i’m a strange size (18C for those playing at home*) however this is “larger than average size”. So there were no beautiful age-appropriate bras in my size and after complaining on Twitter it seems i’m not alone in this.

Girls like me are cursed to live in pad-less, lacy grandma bras for the rest of our lives, simply because mainstream shops don’t acknowledge that average size is not size 10.

This is absolutely wrong, incorrect. I can’t believe mainstream shops and even fashion advertising leads us to believe this nonsense. So many younger girls suffer mentally and physically because of these pressures and I got a taste of that pain today.

Why can't I have a bra like this? Credit: StyleHive

After being thoroughly embarrassed by the sales staff – I was told I would have to buy a more expensive bra with the horrible lace mentioned earlier – I burst into tears and ran to my car. My mum was with me but stayed behind to give them a right bollocking.No wonder Trinny and Susannah did a special on bras and breasts – woman must feel so self-conscious in that situation.

I ended up having to go to the local red shed to find my size. This should make Bras N Things super ashamed because The Warehouse don’t even specialise in bras, BNT does!

What kind of bra woes/experiences have you had? Sharing your story would make other readers – and myself – feel better as it shows we aren’t alone! Every pair of breasts are different, why do these people have the right to tell us we’re “unusual”?

* I have no issue posting this online as bra sizes fluctuate and it’s not like i’m posting nude pictures of myself!



1. Lewis Bostock - January 2, 2011

Sorry, Jess.

Although I’ve never had to buy a bra despite my very short stint in drag but I can relate to your situation. Most men’s clothing stores are ‘off limits’ for men of my size. I have no choice but to shop at The Warehouse too because in what seems to be a strange parallel universe, they think there’s a market for bigger sizes.

Happy shopping.

Love the Trinny and Susannah reference, btw.

Jess - January 2, 2011

Thanks for sharing, Lewis. It’s funny that today it happens to me and then I get home to read this which says people are making larger sizes in anticipation for this ‘bursting waistline’ of a nation. Great way to make ourselves feel better – not. The Warehouse had some really nice clothes today though and Glassons are improving their sizes but I guess no one has thought to innovate mens fashion yet.

I actually watched the Trinny and Susannah bra sizing special and when the shop assistant at BNT tried to teach me things, I already knew what she was on about! Love T&S 😛

2. Bex - January 2, 2011

I am a 10-12J, which means there are only two physical stores I know of (one in auckland, one in chch) that I can make an appointment to go to and buy a bra. Those bras average around $120 each for the most basic of the basic. Some are pretty, but they are limiting full cup bras that nz clothes don’t cater for. I think NZ is still in the mindset that nzers are all skinny little things with no tits. It really makes me angry. Nowdays I buy expensive staple dresses and I will then make tops or accessories for myself to change them. or you I recommend checking out dimityso which are at farmers and bendon. I hope one day I can walk into a normal store and buy a bra off the rack for $60 or less.

Jess - January 2, 2011

Hey Bex! SHIT that is expensive for a piece of clothing, let alone a bra! My mum says bra shops only cater for “bones with boobs” hahaha. I love my body but feel so insulted shops try make me feel the opposite. Bendon seems like the place to go although as I was saying to a mate on Twitter – the outlet at Westgate has poor selection so i’ve gotta travel to Newmarket for quality service and product. Cheers for your comment 🙂

3. Lisa - January 2, 2011

Love the blog, Jess. I know exactly what you mean. I’m an 18DD and I hate going into BNT with friends because I know they don’t cater for our sizes. Quite ridiculous because they’re a bra shop! One of my parents’ good friends owns a shop here in Hastings called Suzelle’s. She sorts me every time, although still on the expensive side and only plain (not like that one you’ve got pictured), at least I know I’m going to get a bra that fits and will last a long time. The one I’m currently wearing is from her, a triumph, best bra I’ve ever owned and it was around the $60 mark. She also stocks those bras from the woman, I think in Manawatu, who started making her own, it was on Campbell one night.
But yeah, I get jealous of my sister being able to buy all the cool designs because she’s a 12/14A

Jess - January 2, 2011

It’s so strange how smaller breasts are celebrated while bigger and more natural breasts are shunned. This sort of goes against the idea of “everyone has lovely breasts” but it’s hard when you feel personally victimised [by Regina George]. Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

4. Kirsty - January 2, 2011

I’m a size 18C with exactly the same issue as you, it’s not fun, nice or anything else, and makes you feel like a fat blob, not a woman.

Jess - January 2, 2011

Cheers Kirsty. It’s such crap. Grr

5. Bonnie - January 10, 2011

God you make me appreciate my size (10DD). Shoes on the other hand…. try finding nice heels in size 5-6.

Jess - January 10, 2011

Ah yes. I have size six feet as well but end up having to get sevens in the decent designs. Blimin’ heck!

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