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I’m easily annoyed December 31, 2010

Posted by Jess in Uncategorized.

And this is because I find myself setting extremely high expectations for myself & for my relationships with others. These expectations are what have lead to where I am now. This isn’t to say i’m necessarily unhappy with my life at the moment, more like indifferent.

I’ve blogged on my 2011 resolution here but I have more personal resolutions to set in place here, where i’m held most responsible for my actions: my individual blog.

1. Enjoy things a bit more

When I wake up in the morning, my mood tends to be either chipper or apathetic. I don’t want to be either of these in 2011 as chipper feels way too fake for my liking and apathetic is just never fun to feel. Things need to feel differently, it needs to be positive. I think with a change in attitude I can prevent getting annoyed as easily and get back to what I feel was my true self before this year.

Not to say I haven’t been myself in 2010 but things happened and I felt aspects of my attitude and personality revert back to a really immature and stupid area. I need to enjoy experiences and activities a lot more, I need to look forward to going out with friends instead of just staying home. It’s not about forcing myself out of the house, it’s about motivating myself to want to leave.

2. Be kinder to people

I make snap judgements, but who doesn’t? It’s a very human thing to do and though I consider myself an extremely accepting and understanding person, I still shut people and ideas out because my brain is easily influenced. Once someone says something, whether it’s negative or positive, about a person, a movie, a city, a website, I instantly jump on that bandwagon. Don’t be a sheep in 2011, be a leader.

3. You are what you eat

I won’t spend too long on this one as I hate writing/reading about others’ weight issues. I think guilt is a useless emotion and I have never felt guilty about anything i’ve eaten or the way I look. But 2011 is about change. That is all.

4. Quality, not quantity

I have always prided myself on being the accepting and understanding person that I am – which isn’t being arrogant, it’s being positively honest with myself. However, I have most certainly overlooked quality friendships because I either felt afraid or ashamed of becoming better friends with people. That’s not what life is about at all. It’s about having those quality friendships to last a lifetime. I want to find those with people I know now and work on them instead of casting them aside.

Resolutions are strange. You always make them to make yourself look good to others when really they’re meant to be created to make us better people.

Any resolutions – pop them in the comments or feel free to tweet at me.



1. saff - January 1, 2011

Mine is to delegate my time better. I recently got an internship for a year at the local hospital in the IT department, and i have a new relationship. I need to make sure I don’t neglect my work, my friends or my love life :/

Balance is hard.

Jess - January 1, 2011

Oh wow, congrats! Time management is hard & I really respect your concern with not neglecting friends! That’s something I am really passionate about as I have been burned in the past because of similar situations! But you put yourself first & your internship takes priority I reckon! Good luck with everything & keep me updated :}

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